Nina Fischer Belongs to the very few artists who are successfully busy in three areas of work. That is why she is being called multi-talented a lot of the times:

"Multi-talent Nina is not only a working actress, but also a tv-presenter and singer..." (
"By the way: Nina is a real multi-talent. Not only is she a great singer, but also trained as an actor and works as a tv-presenter, too..." (Closing remarks Alida Kurras, RTL II)
"The allrounder on stage..." (
"Not only is she able to moderate, she does not only look amazing... No, she can sing really great also..." (Closing remarks Thorsten Schmidt, iMusic1TV)
(quotes translated)

Picture: Alan Ovaska


Movies, TV-Series, Shorts, Theatre.
Ninas career as an actress even brought her to Los Angeles already and can be found in her Biography, Resume and her Reel.

Picture: Petra Michelle Nerette


Studiosinger, two record deals, numerous function bands and tv-shows.
Nina is singing up until now in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Get more info in her Short Bio Singing and her Showreel Singing.

Picture: Alan Ovaska


tv-moderation, online-tv, galas, events, trade fairs. Nina is hosting in two languages (English and German) for television, commercials and big companies. Here: her Short Bio Hosting and her Showreel Hosting.